What is a Benefit?
Any offering from an organization that gives preferential treatment to a certain demographic. A “benefit” could include anything from Federal programs (i.e. VA Home Loan Guaranty), State programs (i.e. Free Fishing Licenses to Colorado Disabled Veterans), Non-Profit programs (i.e. VFW National Veterans Service) to Business programs (i.e. Applebee’s 10% Military Discount). In our world these are all considered “benefits.”

Key Services
There are three different types of groups who use BenefitsReport.com

Military Community

Our goal is to give benefits to those who are clearly entitled to them. We understand that your time is precious and we take extreme measures to ensure that we deliver a quality service to those who are unaware of the plethora of benefits, resources and discounts that are available.

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We help federal, state and local representatives help their military community understand what all is available to them. Representatives can use the service entirely for free and we work closely with them to ensure the military member receives the benefits they need and want.

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Our policy is to only list not-for-profit and for-profit businesses that offer a service specific to the military community or who offer a military discount. We believe that if a business does this, than we should help veterans and military-friendly businesses find each other.

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Customize Your Benefits
By registering, the selected answers that match the benefits’ eligibility criteria will then deliver a customized platform. If you do not customize your benefits than all benefits in the database will be shown and you will not know which ones you are eligible for and which ones you are not. Got it. | More…

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